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Dawn's Place is a secure non-disclosed location. For this reason it is rare that we can bring volunteers to our facility. But, there are TONS of ways to get involved!


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All Donations are Tax Deductible. A receipt and letter will be sent to each donor to verify donations for tax purposes.


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Wish List

To make a donation of material goods, and allow us to focus more of our funding on our programming that supports survivors, visit our Amazon Wishlist. By buying through this link, we also receive a cash donation for a portion of your purchase!

If you're interested in holding a drive, or dropping off donations at our third-party collection site, Big Blue Marble Bookstore, email dawnsplacesb@gmail.com to coordinate details. Thanks so much!


Host a Fundraiser: Host a fundraiser on your own or with your local organization: Supporters of Dawn's Place can hold fundraisers to help raise money to continue helping victims of sexual human trafficking recover. There is an infinite number of fundraisers – in fact there are as many possibilities as you can imagine. Here are some suggestions that have worked in the past:
  • Dinner/Luncheon party
  • Host a dinner party at you home or go out to a restaurant. The dinner or luncheon can be fancy or casual – whichever you prefer. Ask that each guest bring a contribution for Dawn's Place or require a specific "donation" to attend. Everyone gets to enjoy the meal and company AND everyone feels great helping a very worthy cause.
You can also provide printed material as well by downloading and printing the brochures to the right. More brochures coming soon.
  • You might also consider: a girls night out, ballroom dancing night, fashion show, sporting events and competitions, zoo day, family fun day, balloon-grams, canoe trip, craft night, club night, door prizes, ice carving competition, knitting competition, pub crawl, pet show, quilting bee, rally, swear box, spelling bee, talent contest, treasure hunt, yo-yo competition, yodeling competition. The possibilities are endless!

Please collect names and email addresses of people in attendance who would like to join our mailing list! We are very grateful for new friends and supporters.

Whatever you choose or imagine you are welcome to contact us to talk about your idea by emailing info@ahomefordawn.org or calling 215–849-2396

Advocate Online: Raise Awareness! Share, link, follow, friend, and forward! We need help to raise awareness not only of Dawn's Place but also of the need to stop human trafficking. Many are still not aware that human trafficking is REAL and a REAL PROBLEM that needs to be fought. Many think that slavery ended when it was legally abolished. Sadly, this is not the case. Help educate people about the need to fight human trafficking. There are many articles and events that can be shared online that will help fight human trafficking. Please visit our blog, twitter, facebook, YouTube, and Google+ pages. Sign up for our mailing list. Together we can make a difference.

Contact your State and National Legislators: Click here to find your elected officials
Please check out our bolg for current issues and petitions.

Bring a Speaker to your group: Please call or email us and we will be happy to provide a speaker to address the issues of Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Join your local Anti Trafficking Coalition:


Help with fundraisers and other events!  Email us with your information and contact info.

Do you teach classes or have other talents that could help improve the lives of the residents? Email us with your information and contact info.
For the safety of our residents very few volunteers will be able to come to the facility.

P.O.Box 48253
PA, 19144

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- Human Trafficking: The Shocking
Reality of Modern-Day Slavery.


National Hotline

for Reporting & getting Help

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