Dawn's house - A Home For Dawn


The Residence

Our RsidenceOur beautiful three story stone residence can accommodate up to 9 women.
The front porch looks out onto flower gardens and a quiet street. Residents like to gather on the back porch that overlooks a large wooded lot. Down the path is a small building that serves as a classroom for the residents and a meeting room for volunteers.
A generous kitchen allows room for women to cook meals together. Women eat dinner together each night. The common rooms and private bedrooms are all decorated to feel like a home that is truly lived in.

Qualifications for Residency

Dawn's Place provides services to clients without regard to their race, religion or ethnic origin.
The residence is limited to women over the age of 18 who are:
  • Psychologically stable enough to live with a group of women
  • in stable physical condition
  • drug free (in the event of drug addiction the individual must complete a detoxification program before admission)
  • must have a desire to leave prostitution (either from the streets or any commercially based operation)
Our focus is on meeting the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of each resident. Our staff supports and assists the women on their journey of healing by providing ongoing treatments and educational tools that are utilized through all phases of their continuum of care. Our programs are developed for individually for each resident. Their needs are identified through an initial admission assessment and a holistic plan of care is developed. This plan is modified or expanded as necessary as the resident progresses through the phases of the program including aftercare. Individual and group counseling is provided to address the social and psychological trauma underlying the client's involvement with Commercial Sexual Exploitation. This includes past sexual, physical, and mental abuse, drug addiction, posttraumatic stress disorder, and other issues. Numerous staff members are responsible for providing ongoing Care Management and aftercare services to all of Dawn's Place Participants.

Therapeutic Services

  • Dawn’s Place provides trauma treatment: evidence based trauma focused individual psychotherapy including sex trafficking support; specialized Trauma-Focused-Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy (TF-CBT); evidence based, psychoeducational, experiential and process oriented group work to address trauma, co-occurring disorders, personal development, life skills, and whole person healing including the Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM), and Seeking Safety.
  • Twelve step sexual exploitation recovery group
  • Art therapy
  • Pilates
  • Physical activities
  • Occupational and recreational therapy
  • Community meetings
  • Theater group
  • Canine behavior socializing and handling with positive reinforcement methods

Educational Services

  • Women without a high school education are connected with GED classes.
  • International women are linked to courses on English as a second language.
  • Women who are qualified are connected with Community College classes.
  • Dawn’s Place provides educational sessions on topics including health issues, nutrition, STD’s, violence, abuse, and coping skills. 
  • Computer classes with certification

Job Preparation

Because most of the women have had very limited, or no, job opportunities prior to coming to Dawn’s Place, our residents are assisted in developing skills for employment and searching for a job.

Postcare Program

The Postcare Program is the expansion of a current program which is offered for graduates of Dawn's Place 12 month residential program. Many women recovering from the trauma of sex trafficking require more than 12 months to heal, gain life skills and find successful employment and housing. These women often need continuation of services including trauma informed therapy, group support as well as adjunct social services.

Community Education & Advocacy

Dawn’s Place staff members, Board of Directors and volunteers engage in community education events to raise awareness of sexual exploitation. This includes education on services available to vulnerable populations across the region.
Many founders and board members are members of the Anti-Trafficking Coalition and they partner closely with other member organizations to promote awareness of trafficking as well as to create programs to end CSE.
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